Client Protection Principles: Model Law and Commentary for Financial Consumer Protection

The Microfinance CEO Working Group is pleased to present Client Protection Principles: Model Law and Commentary for Financial Consumer Protection. This Model Law and Commentary (collectively, the “Model Law”) creates a legal framework for financial consumer protection based on the Smart Campaign’s Client Protection Principles. The Smart Campaign is a global effort guided by the experience and expertise of microfinance leaders from around the world who are committed to following positive client protection practices. The Client Protection Principles represent a global consensus across the sector regarding the standards of conduct and treatment clients should receive from financial service providers.

The Model Law draws upon a broad survey of experts, relevant scholarship, and existing laws and regulations from countries across the globe, and is intended for three main uses:

  • For policymakers to use as a tool in developing actual, enacted legislation
  • To assess a given jurisdiction’s client protection regulatory regime
  • To serve as a resource for the development of codes of conduct and guidelines, either for a single financial service provider or for any group or industry association

Special thanks to DLA Piper/New Perimeter for preparing the Model Law, to Accion for serving as Project Manager on behalf of the Council of Microfinance Counsels, and to the Smart Campaign for its contributions.

The authors welcome any and all comments and suggestions for future revisions of the Model Law. Feedback can be sent to or by using the comment feature below.

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