Tips for Making a Good Freelance Writer Portfolio


Freelancer writing gives you a chance to be your boss. You do have to wake up early and dress up to go to the office. You can put on whatever you want, and the time is also flexible. Your portfolio should say you are self- employed. It allows you to deal with different clients and make money.

Freelance Writer Online Portfolio

Your portfolio should entail everything you do. Do not leave anything unmentioned. All the contents should show in your portfolio.

  • The content of the website is vital in any business
  • E-books are mostly used on people to make the sign the business newsletters
  • The posting of blogs
  • Articles of magazines- a good number of them are journalistic
  • Use of white papers- If your business is small, you have to consider them

For your portfolio to be on point, there are tips to follow. Your portfolio must be catchy to attract many people. Take your time while writing your portfolio because it will tell more about you.

The Importance of a Good Portfolio

  • It will bring in more clients and work
  • It allows you to not only sell your job, but also yourself
  •  Do not forget to update frequently and also add any new skills you have learned
  • Do not forget to say something about you. It is better when people kind of person they are dealing with

Your biography should entail the following:

  • Write your name correctly. Do not use any other name apart from your real name
  • Do not forget to write the title of your job. People need to know the type of work you do and will also save you a lot of questions from people
  • You should explain what you do in a few sentences to make it easier for clients
  • Last but not least, you can share your social media handles

How to Make a Freelance Portfolio

Your portfolio will go a long way by making you get more jobs. You do not have to exaggerate for you to get clients. Keep it short and easy. There are specific words when put into consideration that can make a good portfolio. You can do your research and find the correct words to use. Put a sample of your work for clients to see. Let the clients know what you are capable of doing. Clients are mostly concerned about your work, so your sample should be the best of the best. The first impression is vital, and your portfolio will do the talking. You do not have to stress because there are tutorials online that can help you.

What to do With Your Portfolio Website

First, you need an idea and the importance of the website. Whatever you write should be interesting and catch to the clients. Your website should not be boring. Make sure you arrange your work. If you are not sure of what to do, a freelance designer can help you. Pick some of your articles and order them according to their groups. You must show that you get organized for you to get clients. Give all your clients an easy job by making sure that each page has a link that will take them to your home page. Make sure you promote yourself properly.

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